Intellectual Property

How to Keep Your Business Secrets Confidential

Companies have different key values and for some, it is their business secrets. Business Secrets can simply be defined as any valuable and sensitive information that is unique to a company. Companies like Coca-Cola, KFC, Google search engine have survived over the years and for a long period particularly on...

Independent Experts

Are Independent Experts Your Saviour Or Your Sinker?

I was recently asked to do some work for a large financial services company to help them think through and create a framework around building an organisation that genuinely operates differently. Until this engagement, my view was that independent contractors are generally blue-collar workers (sourced through controversial labour brokers) or...


Measure your earnings

Top 3 Techniques To Secure Your Earnings

Do you know what your most valuable asset is? It is neither your home nor your car.  It's your income. Think of yourself as a prime money-making machine that will mint millions before retirement. The amount of cash that you will make will pay off all your other assets and...





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