import export license

Do You Need An Import Export License?

One of the most frequent questions clients ask me is, “When do I need an import export license?”. Many clients wonder whether it is necessary to obtain a license if they only need to import small quantities of goods, import infrequently, or aren’t running an import/export business. In this article,...

dr john demartini entrepreneur advice

Ready Steady – Go Be An Entrepreneur

If you’ve already decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship, you must have had a great reason for doing so. After all, no one makes such significant decisions unless they’ve had a some deeper thought about the pros and cons, and presumably decided that the former definitely outnumber the latter....


brand positioning

Why Your Brand Positioning Is Essential In A Depressed Economy

When the going gets tough… the marketing budget gets slashed. It’s an age-old truism that marketing activities are among the first to be cut back during austere times. It’s also often the wrong thing to do, said Nona Koza, Business Partner at Oliver South Africa. “It’s a mistake that brands...

novelty products

Is Your Product Just Another Novelty Or Is It A Utility?

I've often wondered why some innovative new products take traction and become part of our daily lives (social media), and others (augmented reality), don't. The reason is quite simple. It's the products that transcend novelty - to become utility, that stick around. Novelty versus Utility Facebook was a novelty, now...





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