James McKerrell

James McKerrell

James McKerrell, Chief Executive Officer, CRS Technologies (Pty) Ltd. After qualifying in the accounting field and having run a Fund Raising entity, I became interested in technology and joined CRS as a consultant way back in 1991. I was tasked with starting the CRS Cape Town office, and later moved back to Johannesburg as Ops Director, where I took over the management of the business and until today I play an active role in development of our people, products, new markets and solutions. I am passionate about our products and services, not forgetting our people and customers. I have a wonderful and supportive family and enjoy fly fishing (fishing not catching!) in my spare time. As chairman of The South African Payroll Association, James has to strategically focus the efforts of the EXCO to enhance the profile of the Association, increase membership, and also engage with other international payroll Associations to form a“global body”.

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