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South Africa is full of successful entrepreneurs who started out with a business idea and turned it into a thriving business. We take a look into the entrepreneurial success stories in and around South Africa and how those entrepreneurs achieved what they did. In ExpertHub's interviews we speak to successful entrepreneurs about what differentiates them and the lessons they learnt on the way. ExpertHub has also profiled a few international entrepreneurs who serve as role models for many of our local businessmen and women.

This year, for the first time, Maison Veuve Clicquot unveiled an international barometer that maps out the current state of female entrepreneurship, shedding light on common prejudices, mental and structural barriers to be overcome and how to get beyond them. The findings were revealed and discussed in the presence of over 100 of SA’s leading businesspeople at the Veuve Clicquot X Women experience, held on the 24th of October in Johannesburg. Today Maison Veuve Clicquot wishes to affirm its commitment...

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HaveYouHeard celebrates 10 years in the industry this year. Co-founder Jason Stewart tells you what he and partner Ryan McFayden didn’t get quite right over the past decade. Copying not leading A couple of years ago, when the pace of our growth picked up, we tried to learn from other successful agencies – their way of organising the business, their billing structures, their internal processes like traffic and account management, their way of thinking and generating ideas. We failed and,...

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An international keynote speaker, digital thought leader, entrepreneur and author, Mike Saunders believes in leading by unlocking potential, nurturing trust and developing narrative. He also believes that technology innovates a new future, accelerates growth potential and scales business - which is what spurred him into founding DigitLab, which has grown into one of South Afria's premier digital marketing agencies and was voted one of South Africa's best digital agencies in 2012. "Technology unlocks our future and is a fundamental driver...

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What does it take to build a non-profit foundation that aims to reduce the gender inequality gap in South Africa? Successful entrepreneur and founder of The EssBee Foundation, Shenai Bridglall, shares the mindset she has fostered that has helped her build a business and non-profit foundation side be side, allowing her to fuel her entrepreneurial fire while also making a real and positive impact in her community. Laying the right foundations As with any successful venture, you need to blend...

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